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Magnetic Shooting Targets (Combo Pack) - Limited Edition Purple

Magnetic Shooting Targets (Combo Pack) - Limited Edition Purple

Magnetic Shooting Targets for hockey, lacrosse, and more!

This Combo Pack includes two Super Sniper targets (6-inch) AND two Limited Edition Purple Sniper targets (8-inch), get both sizes at this exclusive price!

  • 6-inch diameter, for more advanced skill levels, challenge yourself!
  • 8-inch diameter, easy to hit, great for beginners!
  • Quickly attach targets to any metal goal frame.
  • Practice your shot: knock targets down with puck/ball.
  • Great training tool, fun for all ages and skill levels.
  • Super durable construction with embedded neodymium magnets.

Total of 4 targets included. 8-inch targets are purple, 6-inch targets are orange. Visit the home page to learn more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
They were a gift to my son!

He said they work great !!!

Thank you Kyle for taking the time to write a review. We hope your son will have lots of fun shooting at the top shelf targets!

Regards, Adam

Seth macgillivary
The best targets ever

I love my targets they seem to be the most satisfying targets to hit you can move them Arround very easily unlike other there very durable and will last a long time i love how you can go and take them to a friends house very easily and how portable and lightweight but still very durable

Hi Seth! Thanks for taking the time to write a review! We wish you lots of fun with the Magnetic Shooting Targets!

Cheers, Adam

Adam Wegener

Top Shelf Targets LLC

Kane Florentino
My 5yr old who picks his shots

Love them.... my son would do like every other 10u child, just shoot.

Now he picks where he shoots.. he’s not suppose to do that yet.

Miah Denis
Best Shooting Targets!

Top shelf targets are the most durable and fun targets I’ve ever used. It’s been much fun putting them in different configurations and practicing my aim/ shots. Needless to say, these are worth investing in.

Love this review you wrote Miah! Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience with Top Shelf Targets. Have a blast using them!

Sincerely, Adam

Cameron Reid
COACHDAD&SONS on using Top Shelf Targets

Top shelf targets will helps you work on your shot accuracy in a whole new way!!! These magnetic targets are easy to use... placing them in any spot in your Net.

Any age or skill level can shoot at these targets they are very durable & very light and have a 8 inch & 6 inch targets and I’ve got to say I love using the small 6 inch green targets they give you that extra challenge in your shooting accuracy.

I will be adding topshelftargets to my coaching bag and Recommend to any hockey parent or hockey coach to pick some of these targets up.

These are a game changer & can’t wait to use them in my hockey practices next season.

Also The boys & I have been fire pucks at theses targets all day every day for a month now ... these targets are very durable not that I’ve been trying to break one but I sure haven’t gone easy on them.


Hi Cameron!

Thanks for taking the time to write a product review for us! We've been following your family on Instagram and we love all the videos with the targets! We are so thankful to have you as an Ambassador and can't wait to see the amazing content you are going to create in the months to come. Keep up the great work and have a nice day!

Sincerely, Adam

Adam Wegener

Top Shelf Targets

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