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Ambassador Onboarding

We are excited to begin working with you! We want to make sure you know what to expect from us, and what we expect from you as an Ambassador. After reading and agreeing to the terms below, you can claim your FREE Targets!

*If you are a minor, please complete this page with a parent or guardian.

What you can expect from Top Shelf Targets

  1. We give you one free set of Magnetic Shooting Targets and one free set of Target Tethers for your photos and videos!
  2. We create and give you free custom graphics to help you promote our products to your audience.
  3. We promote your content on our channels (Instagram, Facebook, email campaigns, website, etc) and encourage others to follow you.
  4. We have a knowledgeable and responsive team able to answer any questions and help out.
  5. We provide you with inspiration so you can keep creating fresh, engaging content.
  6. We provide you with a unique 10% OFF coupon code so your followers can save on purchases from Top Shelf Targets. You pick the name of your coupon code at the bottom of this page.
    1. Example: Use coupon code "DAVID10" to take 10% OFF during checkout!

What we expect from you as an Ambassador

  1. We expect you to post photos and videos regularly on your channels featuring our Magnetic Shooting Targets and Tethers.
  2. We expect you to promote our products and speak about Top Shelf Targets in a positive light.
  3. We expect you to stay safe and refrain from posting photos and videos that contain dangerous or inappropriate usage of our products.
  4. We expect you to refrain from using inappropriate, disrespectful or discriminatory language in your posts.
  5. We expect you to encourage your followers to:
    1. follow and like @topshelftargets on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
    2. visit the Top Shelf Targets website,
    3. use the 10% OFF discount code we provide you.
  6. We expect you will provide us with any helpful feedback about our company or products, from you or your network, whether positive or negative.
  7. We expect you give us full permission to repost, repurpose and feature your content on our channels.
  8. We expect you will write a thoughtful review on our website after having used the Magnetic Shooting Targets and Tethers.
  9. We expect you to be creative and have fun!

For your records, we will email you a copy of these terms after you click the Submit button below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please reply via email or send us a DM on Instagram @topshelftargets.


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