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Meet our All-Star Ambassadors!

Meet our

We feature passionate athletes of all ages using Top Shelf Targets on social media!



πŸ“ British Columbia, Canada



πŸ“ Delaware, United States



πŸ“ Ontario, Canada

About the Ambassador Program

Ambassador Benefits

  • You receive FREE Magnetic Shooting Targets and Tethers!
  • You receive a custom 10% OFF coupon to share with your followers.
  • We promote your content on our channels and help you get more followers.
  • We partner with you to create viral content and show the world your amazing skills.
  • Ambassadors are eligible to become Affiliates after six months, making a commission on sales they drive.

Who are we looking for?

You are an ideal candidate if you meet most of these criteria:

  • You have 1000+ followers on social media.
  • You have engaging content with lots of likes and comments.
  • You make videos shooting and practicing hockey / lacrosse.
  • You post at least once per week.
  • You post various types of content and show creativity.

These are general guidelines and we encourage you to apply. Top Shelf Targets reviews applications and makes decisions based on their assessment of the candidate and their needs at the time.

Apply to become a Top Shelf Targets Ambassador now!

  1. After completing this application, you will get an email confirmation that we've received your application. We appreciate you taking the time to apply!
  2. Give us a few days to review your application and then we'll reply via email, letting you know whether or not we can accept you as an Ambassador at this time.
  3. If you've previously applied and were not accepted, we ask that you wait to re-apply until your social stats have significantly changed (refer to "Who are we looking for?" above).

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