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Great to start shooting.

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Super Sniper
Super Sniper

For our sharp shooters.

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Combo Pack
Combo Pack

2 of each targets.

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Deluxe Combo
Deluxe Combo

4 of each targets.

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28.3% Increase In Shooting Accuracy in 3 weeks!

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Flat Target

Our Target's Stats

  • Incredibly Durable
  • Shatterproof Tested
  • Sustains -10℉ to 125℉
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Super-strong Neodymium Magnets
  • Permanetly Molded Magnets


Attach the targets to ANY metal net.


Take aim and don't hold back. Our targets are extemely durable, so make sure you give it your all.


Snipe that corner over and over again. Don't forget the celly.

"A must-have in your puck or ball bag."


Warranty & Return Policy

Our products come with a 30 Day Warranty and Return Policy. We will fix, replace, or refund your order within 30 days of purchase if it breaks or if it doesn’t suit your needs. We want all of our customers to be happy!

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